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Friday, 4 November 2011


Monday was of the course the last day that we were open to the public.  Shortly before we closed two young ladies from St Ronan's School came in asking about Victorian History.  Unfortunately they were a bit early for Living History which won't happen before the spring (watch this space) and we struggled a bit for suggestions. Gen suggested Horrible Histories and gave them a copy of our Schools Pack for the class with a suggestion that they came back for a visit.
Earlier this week a message was sent to all Trust staff looking for people willing to talk to Members Groups. Well I’ve been on their list for a couple of years with talks on: 
  • Robert Smails’s Printing Works
  • Robert Smail’s Archives
  • Lasting Impressions ( a history of printing)
I’m not proud I’ll talk to any group about Smail’s for little more than travelling costs and a beer. Of course if you want the best deal ask for Gen instead.
A contact in Langholm wanting to make copies of hundreds of old printing blocks from the Eskdale and Liddesdale Advertiser.  At the moment we’re thinking about that.  If there really are hundreds that’s  a lot of work for someone so how best to help them do it for themselves? If anything interesting comes out of this we'll let you know.

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