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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Eskdale and Liddesdale Advertiser

Last week I wrote about an enquiry from Langholm Archive about a collection of printer's blocks they'd acquired from the Eskdale and Liddesdale Advertiser.  Today  Tom Hutton from the Langholm Archive came to see us with the blocks.  There were four cardboard boxes of blocks - difficult to estimate how many but far fewer than the original enquiry suggested.  Amongst them was some fascinating stuff - pictures of many of the Cornets - the principle in Langholm Common Riding - photographs of the Langholm area and some lovely line drawings of local buildings.  Regrettably some were in poor condition but we'll see if we can get could quality prints from as many as possible as and when we have time.  You never know there might be one or two interesting additions to our collection of printed material.

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