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Thursday, 5 April 2012

The New Season

The new season started well last Sunday.  The grey skies, not to mention the rain after that lovely sunshine didn't keep people at home.  It might of course have encouraged them to come indoors and enjoy Smail's.  A high point was our first visitor who arrived from Edinburgh with her Dad and was great fun to talk to.  We just got out into the yard to talk about the laid when another father and daughter arrived.  The two lasses great each other like bosom buddies, neither had known that the other was visiting.  We had nearly thirty visitors on Sunday and almost as many on Monday.  Add those to the hundred plus school children that came to Living History and we're off to a flying start.

Last week 200+ Easter Eggs were delivered for the Easter Egg Hunt this weekend.  With that and some other promotions we hope for another busy weekend.  If we get 200 children to search for Easter Eggs with a parent or two in tow we could have a record weekend.

I spent the morning at Smail's putting the letters that spell Easter Egg around the Printing Works.  There are two trails one using blue letters on bright red card and these should be fairly easy to find.  In case this is too easy for some of the older participants (and the Easter Eggs look very attractive)  there's a second trail looking for wooden type rather than printed letters. The type has all been cleaned but it doesn't stand out like the red card.

One for chocaholics perhaps