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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Whilst preparing for workshops we found some very unwelcome visitors living in our type cases... WOODWORM aargghhh! These evil little pests can lie dormant for up to 5 years and proves to us that no matter how diligent you are they can still be lurking. Thankfully the outbreak doesn’t appear to have spread too far though one old portable shelving system, covered in paper and very tasty animal glue appears to have acted as the main woodworm hotel.
Fine days have seen trays of wooden type treated and set out in the yard to dry. Thank you Rachel and Jim who have been treating the problem- staff and volunteers at Smail’s have to be flexible you know! Also the whole paper store is being thoroughly gone through and treated but our woodworm motel is off on holiday to the National Museums of Scotland for a serious blast in their freezer to cure this more serious outbreak.

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