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Saturday, 22 October 2011

2012 Calendar

Using calendars as a marketing tool didn’t start with Pirelli Tyres - although the fact that I remember that particular series undoubtedly dates me badly.  Robert Smail and Sons were producing and distributing a calendar from at least as early as 1879.  The early editions were printed letterpress albeit multi-colour affairs with elaborate borders.  However once the business was able to undertake lithographic printing the calendars became quite elaborate affairs.  The National Trust for Scotland continues the tradition by producing an annual calendar based the design of the calendar from 100 years ago.  All that we change is the calendar itself everything else remains as it was 100 years ago - so don’t rely on the postage rates given in the margin.  The 2012 Calendar can be bought in our shop which will be open between now and Christmas although the Printing Works closes at the end of October.  The shop opening times can be found in the previous blog.  The calendar can also be supplied by mail order - email for more information.

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